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Online Therapy

When therapy is hard to get to, let your therapist come to you online.   Online therapy may be the key to finding therapy that fits your life style, allowing you to access quality care from wherever it's most convenient for you. This means you get to skip the traffic and cozy up in your favorite chair while you meet. 

Some people tell us they worried that online therapy might lack the deep, personal connection you get when you do therapy in person. This is understandable, but keep in mind that online therapy is just a space. Connection happens when there is freedom to be seen and heard for who you are in a place of compassion and understanding. 

From what our client's tell us, the “online-therapy room” is just another room and a virtual couch on which to sit and talk.


"Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear"

- Isaiah 59:1

If you've been putting your mental health and wellbeing on hold because of your busy schedule or lack of options, you don't have to any longer. Online therapy can be a convenient, comfortable, safe space for you to explore and work out what's been bothering you or holding you back.  


Some of the people who tell us they prefer online therapy are busy college students, busy professionals, moms and  dads with young children and little child care, people who prefer the comfort of home or are reluctant to come to the office, and people who do not have therapists in their local community with the expertise they are seeking.

What a blessing that current research shows online therapy to be as effective as in-person therapy!

Still Waters Counseling Center offers online therapy throughout Alabama, Florida and Virginia.

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