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Christian Counseling

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We are a group of licensed psychotherapists with expertise in a myriad of treatment modalities.  We strive to make each person who comes to us feel safe and cared for.  We do this by listening intently with our head and heart, and relying on God’s wisdom and discernment to help us help you in the best possible way.

We are Christians who strive to live and work from a perspective of faith. 

If you desire this in your therapy, we can meet you there.

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Our team  provides high quality professional counseling services seeking to wisely consider the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual facets of each unique person.  We offer genuine, personal connection combined with evidence-based, practical help.  We work with all ages.


Our purposes are to bring hope, facilitate healing, strengthen and restore relationships, and improve quality of life.   

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We understand that navigating payment options for therapy can be difficult and we are here to help.  We seek to make therapy accessible by working directly with insurance companies to cover the cost of therapy where possible and by offering a sliding scale fee for those paying out-of-pocket.


We are in-network providers for many insurance companies including BCBS, All Kids, UHC, AETNA, Medicare, BHS, Cigna, VIVA and Tricare.


"In the Hebrew language, the words for still waters,

'mee menuchoth', mean, 'restful  waters of refreshment'.  


Our Shepherd wants to lead you to a place of rest,

a place of trust, a place of confidence,  

a place where you rely on Him, and focus on Him, 
without anything that will distract you." 

- Moran Rosenblit of Hope for Israel (from Psalm 23)

Our Therapists at a Glance

Our therapists provide a caring and confidential space to engage in the work of psychotherapy.  We work with individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.  We invite you to get to know us and consider whether we may be of help to you.

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