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Rebecca Shaughnessy, MA, MS, LPC, NCC

Christian Counseling in Mtn. Brook and Madison Alabama, Florida and Virginia.Most Insurances Accepted
Christian Counseling in Mtn. Brook and Madison Alabama, Florida and Virginia.Most Insurances Accepted
Christian Counseling in Mtn. Brook and Madison Alabama, Florida and Virginia.Most Insurances Accepted

Hi, I'm Rebecca.  I am so glad you made it to my page today as you are deciding who to choose for your therapist. I would like to share with you a little about me and my approach. I have a passion for helping those in need find their inner strength and resilience. We all have it within us to find solutions to our problems; sometimes we just need some guidance. Are you at the point where you're saying "I just need to try harder" or "I used to be able to" is just not working?


I am dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves. I am solution focused and person centered. I believe in the power of hope and courage. Together we will work to discover meaningful

changes.I enjoy connecting with people and helping them discover their inner strengths. I enjoy building the therapeutic relationship and working on difficult problems.


Our work together will be collaborative in nature. Just one small step is all it takes to begin the process of change. If you are struggling, reach out to me and we will begin the process together. Building a strong therapeutic relationship may be the bridge between who you are now and who your are yet to become. I work with a variety of issues including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, trauma, mood disorders, OCD, panic disorder, and women's issues. Whatever is going on, let's explore together!!!


In addition to standard techniques in counseling, I believe there is much to say about including God on your journey of recovery. Those seeking therapy typically do so with some sort of faith that their life can be better. As a Christian counselor, I seek to integrate psychology and spirituality in the counseling process. I am a lifelong Christian with some biblical training through Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary.  With God on your side, anything in life is possible. I would be honored to make that journey with you.

Locations Served

Rebecca provides Telehealth sessions throughout Alabama, and Florida, and Virginia.

Rates and Insurace

Rebecca is an in-network provider forBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Out of State, Blue Choice, All Kids, Behavioral Health Systems (BHS), United Health Care/Optum, and Tricare.

Our private pay rate is based on household income, you can learn more here:  


I have been seeing Rebecca for quite some time now. There are no words to describe exactly how much she has helped me process and get through some of the most difficult times I’ve had this year.


I will never regret the day I decided to take that step in allowing someone to help guide me on this journey we call life.


Just being able to have one person that I can vent to with no judgment and has nothing but my best interest at heart is an absolute blessing.


I cannot thank Rebecca enough. So if you are considering counseling I would highly recommend her.

Rebecca is very approachable and is the perfect balance of listening and offering insight and suggestions.


I also appreciate how she shares her own experiences and struggles - it helped me feel less alone in my thoughts.


She breaks down large issues into manageable pieces with next steps.


I started therapy focusing on my grief over losing my dad but we are exploring struggles with motherhood, my relationship with my mom and career changes.

I had seen so many therapist over the years with out feeling better. However after just 3 months of doing sessions with Rebecca, I feel a difference.


She is teaching me to use tools that have helped me get through a lot of the grief I have had over losing my mama and my aunt.


She is helping to strengthen my marriage and my relationship with my kids.


She is a wonderful therapist.

This is my first attempt at therapy and I'm so thankful for Rebecca's guidance and understanding. She made me feel heard and validated my feelings.


She also gave me great recommendations on books and YouTube videos that helped me throughout the week between our sessions.


I have regained my self confidence and feel like myself again.


Talking with Rebecca gave me the opportunity to have my issues heard and validated by an unbiased individual and gave me the confidence to take action in my life.


I now feel like I'm back on the right path and in a much healthier head space with plenty of tools to take on life's challenges!


Thank you Rebecca!

Rebecca is a very good therapist, she listens and responds, she is professional and so helpful.


I don’t think she would ever know how much she has helped me in just a few weeks, her homework assignments have been helpful and thought provoking.


Great therapist that I’d recommend to friends and family (and already have).

Rebecca is a truly wonderful therapist. She has actively listened, gives material that helps you understand yourself and what you’re going through.


Best and hardest experience in my life to date! It’s never easy but she helps you weather the storm.


Thank you so much Rebecca!

Rebecca listens and talks...she doesn't judge or preach or indicate that one way is the only way.


She continues to offer me options on how to deal with my issues and in many times can personally relate to how I am feeling...which is very welcome and helpful.

I've had one therapy session with Rebecca and definitely am gonna have more.


She’s so kind and checks in on you. she’s a great listener and provides a variety of different ways to help you heal and grow! ❤️

Rebecca is so thoughtful and caring.


I have really noticed a difference in my anxiety while working with her.


She gives a lot of helpful advice and helpful coping mechanisms.

She’s so personable and helpful!

Rebecca is the best therapist I've found so far. 


She understands what I want and need out of therapy.


She doesn't go too fast or to slow.

Rebecca was expertly matched to me as a therapist who understands my concerns.


I appreciate her!

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